I'm deaf. Yes, I know sign language. No, I can't teach you how to curse in ASL because... I'm not American. Answers to your other predictable questions here :)


I tried 1Q84 but ended up hurling it across the room! Not just underwhelmed, but actually irritated. My dad is a Murakami fan (he reads it in the original Japanese), but he said 1Q84 was “a big waste”

Oof, that is disappointing to hear! I’ve never read any Murakami (that’s so awesome about your dad, btw) before, either. What didn’t you like about it, out of curiosity?

… Basically that it was going nowhere 200 pages in. Once you’ve read a few of Murakami’s works, you’ll see that he has these “tropes” that he returns to again and again. With 1Q84, he revels in those tropes in an almost self-indulgent, pointless way that just pissed me off. The premise is captivating, but the prose really needed a more ruthless editor. I’m a little cynical about Murakami to begin with though, and am not as blown away by his style of writing as others are - it really seems mediocre, flat and clunky to me (but I give him some benefit of doubt due to possible English translation issues). That said, A Wind-Up Bird Chronicle is wonderful. I would say start with that!

Re: my dad, well, it might be a little less impressive if I tell you it’s his native language :P